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Vendors may complete this form on-line. The form will be e-mailed to a GAATES adminstrator who will review the application and, if it meets the criteria, add the company to the database.

An asterisk, "*" before a field label means the information is required.

Part 1: Vendor Qualification

Check box if you:

Part 2: Vendor Contact Information

e.g. or
e.g. or

e.g. Toronto
e.g. Ontario
e.g. Postal Codes: K2B 8A6, K2B8A6 or Zip Codes: 10210, 10210-1234
e.g. 123-123-1234 or 1-123-123-1234
e.g. x230 or 5545

e.g. Department or person responsible for accessible info and communication

Part 3: Product(s) or Service(s) related to the AODA ICT Standards

Check all that apply (You must select at least one Product or Service).

Accessible Information (AI)

Communication Supports (CS)

Accessible Website


Consulting, Compliance or Training (CCT)

Part 4: Describe your business

(You can also use this box to enter other contact or address information that didn't fit in the preceding boxes.)

Part 5: Verification information

In this section you must enter information about the person in your organization who requested this application for listing in the GAATES ICT Vendors Database. A GAATES representative will contact this person to verify that the information submitted is correct and that this is an official request for inclusion in the database.

e.g. or
e.g. 123-123-1234 or 1-123-123-1234

Part 6: Submit your application


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