4.6 Sustainability

Organizations need to ensure their website remains accessible to people of all abilities. As part of their project plan, project managers will need to ensure the appropriate staff have the knowledge needed to create and publish accessible web content. In some cases, this may be the in-house web developer. In others, it could be non-technical staff that have access to the content management system. Below are some approaches project managers may take to ensure their websites maintain accessibility.

  • If the organization already has Quality Assurance procedures in place for general web publishing, add a requirement for accessibility checking to the process. Do not allow inaccessible content to be published.
  • Provide guidance on accessibility to the people or teams that will create the actual content for the company's the web pages. The people who supply content must have a basic level of awareness of what they need to provide to ensure a website is accessible to all.

If outsourcing a web developer, consider building a maintenance agreement that includes testing and repairing accessibility issues in your contractual agreement.