3.2 How is the web content delivered

How web content is delivered will affect the strategies and techniques you might need to use to make to the content accessible. The pages within a site may be hard coded (static) web pages, or they may be data-base driven from a content management system.

Many organizations use content management systems, which allow different modules to be plugged in to them. In the event an organization is using a content management system, you should determine whether or not the system and the modules meet the standards for accessibility, and if they don't, whether they can they be modified? If not, you may need to obtain an alternative.

Some organizations allow contributors to submit content to the content management system for their websites. In this case, you need to know if these contributors know the requirements of the regulation. They must also be able to provide the following information with their content:

A refreshable braille reader device that would be connected to a computer.
  • If they want to publish images, then they must supply text alternatives to describe the images.
  • If they want to publish in audio or video formats, then they will have to supply the captioning, descriptions and transcripts.
  • If they pepper their text with acronyms and abbreviations, then they need to supply the full and proper names.

The location and ownership of a website and its content should also be considered. If your organization out-sources the design, maintenance, hosting or domain account maintenance to a third party, it is very important to obtain a copy of all of the information necessary to transfer the management of your website and domain name(s) to another vendor.