3.1 How many web pages are involved

A website might have tens, hundreds or thousands of pages depending on its age, history and who now or in years past was allowed to post documents on it. If an organization does not have the financial or human resources to fix the entire website and the deadline for meeting the requirements is not looming, you might consider suggesting the following steps.

  1. Shift old and obsolete pages into the archive. Removing old material will reduce the number of pages to be fixed.
  2. Focus on the most important and frequently used pages first.
    A man drawing a website design prototype on a white-board.
    • The home page must be welcoming to all visitors and all visitors must be able to use it.
    • The pages directly linked to the home page must be accessible. These second level pages are often as far as visitors go to find the service or information they need.
    • The most important pages to the organization, which might not be the same ones as the most frequently visited pages, must also be accessible.
    • The pages that users visit most frequently must be accessible. An organization that collects and analyzes the data from its website will have this information.