Appendix B-4: Checklist for Outdoor Play Spaces

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Checklist for Outdoor Play Spaces

Except where noted as “Better Practice”, the checklist identifies mandatory requirements of the Accessibility Standard for the Design of Public Spaces

For each entry in the checklist, decide whether the requirement and/or best practice has been met, not met, or is not apppcable.

  • Consultation:
    The public and people with disabilities have been consulted on the accessible play elements. Municipalities with AACs have consulted them
  • Play elements:
    Accessible play components have been incorporated into the design (such as active and sensory play components)
    Better Practice: To interact with nature, play elements have been provided such as: Water features; Sand play areas; Scented plantings; and Wind chimes
  • Surfaces:
    Firm and stable surface with impact and injury attenuating properties has been provided
    Better Practice: Variety of ground surface materials has been provided
  • Path of travel:
    Sufficient clearance to move has been provided through, in and around the play space
    Better Practice: Accessible route minimum 1,500 mm wide connecting the playground with access elements such as sidewalks and parking lots has been provided
  • Seating:
    Better Practice: Minimum one accessible seating area has been provided
  • Inclusivity:
    Better Practice: To avoid segregated facilities, play elements that can be enjoyed by all children have been provided


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