Appendix B-3: Checklist for Outdoor Public Use Eating Areas

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Checklist for Outdoor Public Use Eating Areas

Except where noted as “Better Practice”, the checklist identifies mandatory requirements of the Accessibility Standard for the Design of Public Spaces

Outdoor Public Use Eating Areas

AODA Reference Number 80.16, 80.17

Guide Reference Section 2.4

For each entry in the checklist, decide whether the requirement and/or best practice has been met, not met, or is not apppcable.

  • Number of accessible tables:
    Knee and toe clearance has been provided underneath minimum 20% but not fewer than 1 table Surface: Level, firm, and stable path leading to the accessible tables has been provided
  • Space around tables:
    Clear ground space has been provided to allow forward approach to the accessible tables by people using wheelchairs or other types of assistive devices
  • Choice of location:
    Better Practice: Accessible tables have been dispersed to provide a variety of different seating locations
  • Selection of tables:
    Better Practice: All tables have been provided with appropriate height and knee space underneath
  • Permanence of tables:
    Better Practice: The possibility of accessible tables being moved to inaccessible location has been taken into consideration
  • Knee and toe clearance:
    Better Practice: Knee space minimum 750 mm wide x 680 mm high x 250 mm deep, with additional toe space minimum 750 mm wide x 230 mm high x 230 mm deep has been provided


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