2.6.5 Exceptions to Off-Street Accessible Parking Requirements

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The Requirements in this Section apply to:
Government of Ontario, Legislative Assembly, and Designated Public Sector Organizations Private / Not-for-Profit Sector Organizations
Large Small
Yes Yes Yes
Regulation Reference:
80.33 (1) - Exceptions

The intent of these exceptions to the accessible off-street parking requirements is to exclude parking facilities that are either:

  • Not intended for public use, or;
  • Not designed to provide access for people with disabilities because more suitable lots exist on the same site.

Off-street parking requirements do not apply if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The off-street facilities are not located on a barrier-free path of travel, as defined and regulated under Ontario’s Building Code.
  • The facilities are used exclusively for parking buses, delivery vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, medical transportation vehicles, such as ambulances, or impounded vehicles.
  • The facility is one of multiple off-street parking facilities on a single site serving a building or facility — where appropriate accessible parking facilities are provided elsewhere on the same site.
  • There are existing physical or natural constraints on the site which limit the number of accessible parking spaces that can be provided. Note that organizations must effectively demonstrate why they cannot comply with the requirement.

When an exception to the minimum number of parking spaces has been successfully demonstrated, a project should be designed to provide as close to the required number of accessible parking spaces as can be accommodated by the existing site. It is not acceptable to provide no accessible parking spaces.

Where an even number of accessible parking spaces is provided, they must be divided equally between Type A and Type B spaces. Where an odd number of accessible parking spaces are provided, they must be divided equally between Type A and Type B spaces. The additional parking space (the odd numbered space) may be Type B. Consider making the additional space a Type A space, as it is more universally accessible.


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