2.6.4 Signage for Accessible Parking

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Government of Ontario, Legislative Assembly, and Designated Public Sector Organizations Private / Not-for-Profit Sector Organizations
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Regulation Reference:
80.37 - Signage

Signs at accessible parking spaces notify users that a vehicle requires an accessible parking permit. Under the Highway Traffic Act, signs are already required to identify accessible parking spaces in Ontario and the same signs will be used to identify the new accessible parking spaces created under the Accessibility Standard for the Design of Public Spaces.

Requirements for the Design of Accessible Parking Signage

Accessible parking space sign
Each accessible parking space must be identified with an accessible permit parking sign as per Section 11 of Regulation 581 of the Revised Regulations of Ontario, 1990 (Accessible Parking for Persons with Disabilities) made under the Highway Traffic Act.
Type A accessible parking space sign
In addition to the accessible permit parking sign noted above, ‘Type A’ accessible parking spaces must also have a sign identifying the space as “Van Accessible”. Refer to Figure

Better Practice Considerations

Consider enhancing the visibility of accessible permit parking signs by making them larger than the 300 mm wide by 450 mm high minimum required by the Highway Traffic Act.
Consider erecting accessible permit parking signs so the centre of the sign is 1,500 mm - 2,000 mm from the ground. Post-mounted signs with their lowest edge below 2100 mm should be located out of pedestrian routes as they present an overhead hazard.
Pavement sign
The inclusion of a pavement sign with the International Symbol of Access enhances the visibility of accessible parking spaces and discourages inappropriate use. Consider pavement signs at least 1,000 mm long and with high tonal contrast to the surface of the parking space. Pavement markings should be slip-resistant.

Sign requirements can be found in Section 11 of Regulation 581 of the Highway Traffic Act


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