2.6.3 Access Aisles

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Regulation Reference:
80.35 - Access aisles

Access aisles provide the necessary space to allow people with disabilities to get in and out of their vehicles.

Requirements for the Design of Access Aisles at Accessible Off-Street Parking

Access aisles
Every accessible parking space must have an access aisle adjacent to the space.
Shared access aisles
An access aisle may be shared by two accessible parking spaces.
Access aisle width
Minimum 1,500 mm.
Access aisle length
Full length of the parking space.
Access aisle surface markings
On hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete, access aisles must be demarcated with high tonal contrast diagonal lines to discourage vehicles from parking in them. Note that markings are not required for softer surfaces.

Better Practice Considerations

Consider surfaces that are firm, stable and slip-resistant. For slip resistance values, refer to Appendix G.
Consider the slope of accessible parking spaces and their access aisles. Is it sufficient for drainage? Slopes should be minimized where possible and never steeper than 1:25 (4%). A slope no steeper than 1 in 50 (2%) is ideal.
Curb ramps at access aisles
Curb ramps that are centered on access aisles will provide a more logical and direct route to adjacent pedestrian walkways.
Access aisle surface markings
Consider the slip-resistance properties of pavement markings.


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