2.0 Creating Accessible Public Spaces

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Within this part of the Guide, the sections are organized using a consistent layout, with similar elements, as follows:

Example 1:
Regulation Reference:
80.21 - Exterior Paths of Travel

The section of the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (Design of Public Spaces) that provides the technical requirements is identified at the beginning of each section within a box, as shown in Example 1. The full regulation can be accessed through Ontario's E-Laws site.

The types of organizations that must comply with the technical requirements of the section are identified in a table, similar to that shown in Example 2. How the AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards regulation categorizes organizations is explained in Section 1.2 of the Guide.

Example 2:
The Requirements in this Section apply to:
Government of Ontario, Legislative Assembly, and Designated Public Sector Organizations Private / Not-for-Profit Sector Organizations
Large Small
Yes Yes N/A

Each technical section includes a general introduction, which provides context and identifies why the element is important in achieving accessible public spaces.

Requirements for the Design of Elements are identified. This section identifies the minimum requirements for the design of the element, as specified in the Accessibility Standard for the Design of Public Spaces. These are mandatory requirements which must be incorporated into the design.

Better Practice Considerations are also included. This section offers suggestions for creating public spaces that exceed the minimum requirements of the Standard. These better practices have been derived from numerous sources including various municipal accessibility standards and guidelines, CAN/CSA B651 Accessible design for the built environment, recent anthropometric research undertaken by the Center for Inclusive design and Environmental Access (IDEA) at The State University of New York at Buffalo, and design guides such as the Rick Hansen Foundation’s Let’s Play: Creating Accessible Play Spaces. Incorporating these voluntary options into a design will help make public spaces more accessible to more people.

Unless otherwise noted, all dimensions in this Guide are in millimeters.


Illustrated Technical Guide to the Design of Public Spaces